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Solving the Problem of Christian Education

Solving the Problem of Christian Education

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Eternal Vision has designed a solution to the perpetual funding problems faced by tuition-based Christian schools. This informative video will give you some background information on the Christian Education Vision Endowment program EV has designed. The first step in the Vision Endowment program is for your ministry to schedule and conduct a Leadership Meeting.


Leadership Meeting Process

The Leadership Meeting Process has been developed to give you everything you need to understand the Vision Endowment program and present the opportunity to your governing board. There is no charge for conducting the Leadership Meeting, but we do ask that you reimburse the expenses incurred for travel and materials. The Leadership Meeting process includes all of the following:

  • Schedule permitting, Dr. Mike Duffy or Attorney Matt Davis (EV's Vice President & Corporate Counsel) are available to come to your ministry and personally present the Vision Endowment to your leadership team. (If conducting the meeting in person, we do ask that you reimburse our reasonable travel expenses and material costs.) A DVD video presentation by Dr. Mike Duffy and Attorney Matt Davis explaining to your leadership team how the Christian Education Vision Endowment can work for your ministry is also available if scheduling an on-site meeting is not possible.
  • 20 copies of the Leadership Meeting syllabus explaining the details of the Christian Education Vision Endowment program, how the Vision Endowment will impact the quality of your school program, how EV will help you create and build your Vision Endowment, and more about the ministry of Eternal Vision.
  • Samples of all available promotional items that will be included with the Vision Endowment Package including the Eternal Vision book, Vision Endowment promotional brochure, and posters.
  • Sample PackageAvailability for telephone or web conferencing with your administration to answer any follow-up questions you may have on any aspect of the ministry of Eternal Vision and/or the Vision Endowment program.

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