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Ministry Information

About Eternal Vision

The purpose of Eternal Vision is to promote quality and excellence in ministry by teaching Biblical stewardship and building ministry endowments.

Eternal Vision is a unique ministry that combines teaching, preaching, and personal discipleship of Christians in the area of Biblical stewardship with the building of ministry endowments that provide permanent financial assistance for Christian schools and other ministries. We believe the Bible has specific answers for the critical issues of financial and estate planning.

The name "Eternal Vision" signifies our focus on helping Christians lay up Heavenly treasure as they prepare for the day when they will stand before the Lord Jesus Christ and receive eternal rewards for their service and stewardship. Our name also reflects the extended impact endowment giving continues to provide long after the lifetime of an individual donor. Because our Vision Endowments are secured by an assured promise to maintain Biblical standards, donations are guaranteed to have a significant impact for Bible-right ministry causes until the Lord's return.

Ministry Information