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EV Board

Eternal Vision Board

Fourteen men of God from diverse backgrounds, training, and ministry affiliation have consented to serve on Eternal Vision's leadership team. These men of stature and accomplishment guide the direction of the ministry and provide oversight of our doctrine and philosophy.

Eternal Vision's leadership team consists of its Board of Directors and Officers. The board is characterized by diversity vocationally, geographically, and politically. Each Officer and Director maintains a Biblical testimony of local church membership and requirements of personal testimony and integrity in order to maintain good standing on the board. These standards include agreement in doctrine and philosophy of ministry.

We thank God for these men of great expertise and ministry accomplishment!

Eternal Vision, Inc.

Board of Directors

Dr. Matthew Davis
EV President
Executive Vice President
Maranatha Baptist University
Watertown, WI

Mr. Darrell Beernink
VP and Actuary (Ret.),
State Farm Life Ins. Co.,
Bloomington, IL

Dr. John Davis
EV Secretary/Treasurer
Dean of Students,
Maranatha Baptist University
Watertown, WI

Dr. Corey Pfaffe
Professor, School of Business,
Maranatha Baptist University
Watertown, WI

Dr. David Pennington
EV Vice President
Pastor, Business Coach
South Bend, IN