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Eternal Vision Scholarships

Eternal Vision is honored to support Christian education and those serving in Christian ministry through various scholarships.  The following scholarships are available through grants and donations to Eternal Vision.  EV partners with Christian colleges & universities as well as other ministries to provide scholarships that help prepare those serving or planning to serve in ministry vocations.

Master’s Level Teaching & Leading Scholarship

A financial investment by a generous donor has allowed us to partner with those employed in full-time vocational ministry who desire professional training at the graduate level. A new scholarship—the Teaching & Leading Scholarship—is available for students who wish to pursue a Master of Education in Teaching and Learning or a Master of Organizational Leadership at Maranatha Baptist University as a partnering college.

The scholarship covers 60% of the cost of tuition, reducing tuition costs to $180.00 per credit hour bringing the total cost for the program down to $5,760 for an accredited masters degree!

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Camp Kids Full Tuition Scholarship

Eternal Vision works to advance quality in ministry by encouraging quality Christian education at all levels.  Those who serve sacrificially in ministry should not have to sacrifice their children's college education in so doing.  The Camp Kids scholarship provides a significant scholarship to dependent children of full time staff at partnering Christian camps to attend a partnering Christian college.

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